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'll kick off our pre-emmy party. lara is in los angeles. he'll have a look at the hottest fashions and some predictions. hey, lara. >>> plus, we have one of the biggest rock bands in the world this morning, the killers. you saw the people that popped up a little bit ago. lining up since midnight to see the killers. they're here to kick off our weekend. >> all right. >>> we begin, now, with the new iphone. people have been lining up all over the world for days, now, to get their hands on it. we're among the very first to have it. it's right here. i have the white one. george has the black one. >> do we get to keep it? >> but it's not all -- no, really, there's security here. it's not all smooth sailing for apple. there's already a few glitches. and abc's matt gutman is at an apple store in miami, florida, standing in line with everybody outside with more on that story, matt. good morning, matt. >> reporter: morning, elizabeth. the line here snakes around the block already. a lot of folks here have been waiting since yesterday. but the big buzz among the folks here is the new operating system
president barack obama with a slight edge. >>> a los angeles chef is on trial accused of murdering his wife and cooking her body. he stuffed the body in a drum of boiling water and cooked it for four days. his confession was played and he was there after jumping off a cliff when he learned he was a suspect. >>> and garcia fernandez is accused of molesting his daughter from the time she was 5 to 14. he is facing 14 counts which include lewd acts of a minor. >>> antolin garcia-torres is accused of kidnapping and murdering sierra lemar. that trial is expected to last a few weeks. >> time now 6:16, they are complaining about reports of high radiation levels and state officials say no major health threats exist, the hundreds of barrels of low-level radioactive material have been removed from the old navy base. they are worried about it being kicked up. >>> -- they are work rid about dust being -- worried about dust being kicked up. >>> it you due to begin around 7:00 p.m. in an area on hillcrest drive and highway 4 in antioch. fogging comes just after a week after the county confirms the first h
yesterday as she was flying to los angeles. had to make an emergency landing in denver as a result of smoke that filled the cabin. turned out to be a suspected electrical fire. the good news is that everybody landed in los angeles safe at the end of day, first landing safely in denver with that emergency landing. a secret service agent, apparently according to a tweet from ann romney's own son, looked over and said, "so this was supposed to be a nonsmoking flight." jenna? >> very nicely tweeted. peter alexander, thank you very much. >>> abby huntsman is the daughter of former republican presidential candidate john huntsman. harold ford jr. is now an nbc news political analyst. good morning to both of you. we've been talking about this for months. he's been under pressure to do it for months. why now, why on a friday afternoon? >> he's had a tough week. maybe a tough two weeks. probably makes a lot of sense to distract and divert, it seems, probably in the romney campaign. unfortunate to have to release his tax returns to divert this attention. but hopefully this will shift romney to become
monster blaze looms above los angeles, out of control. in the gulf, floodwaters seem to go nowhere. isaac's misery spreading to the northeast today. >>> first lady's focus. a different message expected tonight from michelle obama, compared to ann romney's speech last week, as the democratic convention now begins in just a few hours. >>> scientology storm swirling around tom cruise again. did church officials choose mates for the megastar. >>> and on the rampage, armed with a ten-ton bulldozer. >>> good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm diana perez, in for paula faris. with labor day behind us, we begin this tuesday with the unofficial end to the summer of extremes. >> that's for sure. it's giving way to an early fall, filled with wildfires, high water and wicked winds, now bringing trouble from california to the carolinas. northeast of l.a., a fast-moving wildfire is tearing through the angeles national forest. the flames sending thousands of holiday campers fleeing. the fire has scorched six-square miles. and for now, aerial assault with a chopper and a dc-10 is the atta att
, to los angeles when the problem developed. the plane landed safely in colorado. mitt romney is campaigning in nevada right now. in the meantime, the romneys have just released their tax returns for 2011. steve handelsman on capitol hill now with more on that story. steve? >> reporter: jim, thanks. ann and mitt romney's certified accountant reported the candidate paid the federal government every dollar he owed over the past 20 filing years. you'll recall when romney's taxes became an issue in the south carolina primary earlier this year, he guesstimated that in 2011 he would pay about $3 million in taxes. now it turns out under $2 million, but apparently compared to what he might have had to pay last year, he opted to pay in excess. the surprises, mitt romney decided to pay more than he legally had to in 2011 taxes. he made $13.7 million mostly from investments. he donated $4 million to charity. but he only deducted $2.25 million. so he paid $1.9 million, 14.1% in federal income taxes. earlier today in virginia, president obama fired back at romney, who had vowed he would ch
bags with unknown contents. >>> the space shuttle heads from edwards air force base to los angeles. a special flyover for mark kelly in tucson who looked on in amazement with congresswoman gabrielle giffords. >>> and do you love honey boo boo and wish your child had a name like that? sugar bear and what's left for us? there's a nickname generator online. here is what they give us for savannah. shuga goober. willie geist, you're woo woo glitz, and the executive producer jim bell will be known as jinxy boo bear. all right. >> hold on, natalie, i have this going here. your nickname is. >> what? >> let's put that in. i can't get it. >>> let's look, alaska -- just firing into seward and anchorage. five inches yesterday caused massive flooding. more today in torrential rains and wind. rest of the country expecting to see plenty of sunshine on the eastern seaboard, wet weather through southern florida. look for another warm day in the pacific northwest, not great newsnews for wildfire firefight >>> and good morning to you. here's the view, san francisco looking out to the golden gate brid
, kansas city and charlotte. >>> back to the news this thursday morning. police in los angeles are still looking for two masked gunmen who kidnapped a bank manager from her home, as part of a very bizarre robbery plot. >> scary story here. authorities say they strapped what they said was a bomb to the woman's waist. and they forced her to order employees to take money out of the bank. the bomb squad disabled the device, which they say resembled an explosive, but was not. >>> the roman catholic bishop of kansas city faces a bench trial. bishop robert finn is the highest-ranking catholic official to be charged with shielding an abusive priest. his attorneys has decided to let a judge decide the case instead of a jury. a verdict is expected by day's end. >>> what started out as a fun bike ride turned into a near-death ordeal for an ohio teen. he fell into a creek and got sucked into a storm drain. by the time rescuers had arrived, the water carried the eighth grader 1,500 feet. they didn't think he made it. but when they called his name through a manhole, he answered. >> it was dark. it was
over the landmarks around los angeles with everybody spotting it and tweeting and it's going to be very, very exciting for everybody. >> reporter: in a way it's a homecoming. "endeavour" was constructed just north of l.a. in palmdale, california, built to replace the challenger lost in that fiery 1986 exploeks. >> liftoff. >> reporter: it's the last shuttle to go into retirement, but "endeavour" will be the star of a new air and space hall al the california science center once it gets from lax 12 miles away. >> no one has ever moved a winged space ship through a city before. nobody will again. >> reporter: l.a. knows a thing or two about handling celebrity objects. >> remember the rock. >> they have to take down power lines and cut down trees to clear the pathogen ner rating controversy. >> i had no idea they were going to be removing those beautiful trees. >> we will be taking out a number of trees but we'll be putting in almost 1,000 new trees. >> the science center is betting all will be forgiven when the biggest icon this city has ever seen opens to the public october 30th. for "cbs
evening. i'm chris matthews in los angeles. let me start with difficulties mitt romney has been having in the campaign. who proved that effort to suppress the black vote which bill clinton calls the most blatant he's ever seen. if he and his agent says his party wasn't behind it, he should say so. who did this attack on poor people and welfare for not having a work requirement? wasn't it mitt romney saying, i'm mitt romney and approve the message. who has backed out the obstructionist number one congress and their priority to terminate the president obama win through the filibuster. he used the dirty tools of the old say, voter suppression, coded racial appeals. if he's having a tough month maybe he earned a few more. howard fineman is here but first new polls in the presidential race. the "hardball" scoreboard. according to a new "national journal" poll he leads romney by seven. 50/43 and has a seven-point nationally. romney, 45 and obama, 52. the new purple strategies poll, in north carolina, president obama has a two-point lead over mitt romney, 48/46% and look at this, the race is
.6.d from 4.8to bennett creek los angeles this morning, very minor, no injuries. thee learning more about bus crash that the front of the silver spring crash on august 20. the driver said the brakes failed. an inspection was done and they found no mechanical problems on the bus. officials plan to interview the driver again next week. he's currently on paid leave. lot of metro work this weekend. good to avoid the red line. will bed line stations closed tonight 10:00 tonight sunday. circle to noma. shuttle buses will be available. on hollande line and west falls church. and from stadium-armory to cheverly. on the yellowg braddock huntington to road. the blue and green lines will be normal. here's newschopper 7 over the t ramp.les tomorrow the connections between eastbound and the beltway around 1:00 p.m. that will be convenient. in bethesda starting tonight at big there's going to be a in a projectup that will last quite some time. woodmont avenue it will be nearly two years near miller. the closure is part of plans for two high ines and additional parking downtown bethesda. the man b
it will now travel the streets of los angeles, hundreds of trees will be cuts down to dismay of the environmentalists. it will fine its way to a museum along with the rest of the program. the shuttle era is over. i am shepard smith. >>neil: fox news alert, ten days in and they still hate us. from pakistan, to india, to afghanistan, thousands of anti-american protesters taking to the streets again today. in pakistan it was actually a government holiday, all this as questions mount over the attack on the consulate in libya and conflicting comments from the white house. john mccain is here to weigh in on both. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto and this is the scene in pakistan today. not a great scene. police firing live ammunition at protesters, throwing rocks and it gets worst after torching a theater, 15 killed, dozens injured, the protesters were fueled by the antimohammed video that the president referred to when asked about the libya attack that left our arch and three other americans dead. >> what we have seen the last week or week and a half is something that actually
down in los angeles. and officially ending nasa's shuttle program. people lined streets and rooftops to get one, last final glimpse in flight. it toured some california landmarks, from the golden gate bridge to the hollywood sign before landing. it will go on display at the science museum in los angeles. >>> finally, i've been to a lot of baseball games in my life. hundreds of play in little league and high school ball. but i've never seen what i saw at the yankees/oakland game last night. the yankees ichiro suzuki, hits it back to the pitcher. and somehow, he loses the ball inside his shirt. he tried to pull it out. and finally, just gave up. you see him smile afterward. even he thought it was funny. the yankees, by the way, won that game, 2-1. they're in first place. just a dozen games to go. i'm a yankees fan. >> we could tell. i love the look on his face. forget it. >> i don't know how he did it. how do you lose a baseball down your shirt? but he did it. >>> now, to the global frenzy over apple's latest, shiny, new, got to have it product, the iphone 5. the company produced 10 mi
. it headed over northern california before looping back past los angeles landmarks. >> didn't want to miss this experience. we are really excited to be here. >> the final approach ended with a perfect touchdown at l.a.x. >> it is the end of an era. the kids are going to look at her and be inspired of what people can do. wow, i can't believe people built something like that. >> later tonight, these two giant cranes will begin lifting the 165,000 pound endeavour off the 747. the shuttle would spend a few weeks in the hanger before being towed to the california science center. but the 12-mile journey to the museum is controversial. workers cut down trees so the shuttle can safely pass through streets. >> i had no idea they would be removing beautiful trees. i'm sad to see them go. >> museum officials are going to plant 1,000 new trees in their place. teresa garcia, cbs news, los angeles. >>> gorgeous day there. >> do we have her to thank for this ?er cay, excellent friday. i'm loving it. >> i would love to take credit for this. we are going to see the threat for thunderstorms coming in
is this incredible video from a car chase. this happened near los angeles. the suspect bailed out of a moving vehicle on the highway. but he doesn't give up there. he continues to run from police and then he jumps off the bridge. right there. he fell about 20 to 30 feet to another roadway below. amazingly the suspect was still alive after both of those jumps. he was wanted for domestic violence and during the chase reached speeds of more than 115 miles per hour. those are your headlines. >> pretty dramatic. >> pretty energetic guy. >> there you go. let's go outside for another enjerry jet particular guy it's rick reichmuth. >> i'm traumatized. >> do not do. that will do not jump out of a moving vehicle like that. >> oh my gosh. that looked like all the movies where all this unrealistic stuff keeps on having and they keep on living. >> oh my gosh, let's talk about the weather. really big story, tropical story not here in the u.s. but impacting areas out across the western pacific. take a look at this satellite image. this is typhoon sanba and heading for okinawa. the air base is about to take a pummel
. from new york, chicago, to los angeles, apple fans have been lining up for days. some people were selling their spots in line with prices reaching as high as $500. so, maggie, is the fanfare dying down a bit? >> reporter: it is. sort of shifting, carol. in anticipation of getting in to the now fascination of getting into the gadgets they've been waiting for. i don't know if you're a football fan. the only way to describe a day like today is really this is the technology world's version of tailgating. this isn't just about the product itself but really about the experience that happens here. i want to show you what's going on in the line. you have this sort of spectators and there are still some customers that are penned up, snaking their way around. we can actually see the end of the line now. earlier this morning it wrapped around the block. who are these people? some of them are die-hard apple fans. other people tried to preorder. it was so popular, remember, 2 million phones sold out in 24 hours, that they cldn't do it over the internet. they were forced to come down here and c
. >>> a crewmember on the los angeles set of a new disney movie has died. the 48-year-old man reportedly suffered a heart attack while preparing a tank for an underwater shooting scene in the remake of the lone ranger. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. the accident did not take place while cameras were rolling. >>> tiger at the bronx zoo could be back in its exhibit as early as today after mauling a man. the 25-year-old man deliberately jumped 17 feet into the exhibit from an elevated monorail yesterday. the 11-year-old siberian tiger bit the man several times. emergency personnel used a fire extinguisher to get the animal away from him. officials are still trying to figure out why the man jumped. he is listed in critical condition. >>> knots berry farm is shutting down all six of its wind seeker ride. on wednesday, 20 people were stranded on the ride. they were left dangling 300 feet in the air for four hours, until they were finally lowered down. the company is now doing an internal review of why the ride shut down. >>> witnesses rush to help a security guard who was shot by a man trying
yesterday. today the shuttle flies from edwards air force base in california to los angeles before landing in l.a.x. it will do a flyover of downtown l.a. and hollywood. that will be fun. >> how will the weather be for that. good morning. >> good morning to you guys. the first and last time ever to fly over the south land. here is the trip in los angeles, in california, hot, warm, dry. no problems weather wise to get out and look. 8:15 it will leave edwards air force base. in the 60s, no chance of rain. by 9:30, getting to sacramento then winding up in los angeles around 11:30 and landing in l.a.x. around 12:30. it's going to leave 8:15, fly over palmdale, the golden gate bridge, the discovery center, the aquarium and berkeley, then over the southland and land in l.a.x. the weather is warm. the cooldown coming to the upper midwest. by sunday, it makes its way to the midwest including baltimore and washington. >> thank you very much. >> it is 10 minutes after the hour. while you were sleeping, these people, say what you want about them. they were waiting up all night outdoors. it's still da
s again today. north east of los angeles. that's where hundreds of firefighters are battling a fast-moving fire in the angeles national forest. more than six square miles have already burned. as abc's nick watt reports, the danger is growing. >> reporter: theangeles national forest was packed with thousand of campers and hikers enjoying the holiday weekend. >> we just saw the smoke next to us and we started packing. >> reporter: the fire began 2:15 sunday cause unknown. within hours, nearly 4,000 acres were ablaze. vacationers evacuated and hundreds of firefighters drafted in from across the west. the fire is moving very, very fast the we can see it coming down this hillside. look at the terrain. talking 80-degree inclines which makes it difficult for firefighters to get up to the flames and fight this fire. air drops are the best and in most places the only option. >> it is uphill, steep, rugged terrain, we are trig to get aircraft on this fire to slow its progress. >> reporter: the fire is moving towards populated areas. right now only 5% contained. what happens next -- depends la
"hardball." ♪ >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews out in los angeles. doing the bill more show tonight. let's start with the difficulties mitt romney has been having in the campaign. romney is reaping what he sowed. who was it that aplowed that multistate effort to suppress the black vote which bget calls the most blatant he's ever seen. if he and his agent wasn't behind it, he should say so. who was it thata straighted this racially attack on people on welfare? wasn't that mitt's voice we heard saying i am mitt romney and i approve this message? who was it who has been out there backing 100% the obstructionist republican congress and its number one priority, to terminate the obama presidency through the filibuster. if romney's got it hard, perhaps it was he from the start using the dirty tools of the old days that's responsible. voter suppression, coated racial appeals, the filibuster. if he's having a tough month, maybe he's earned a few more. howard fineman and joy ann reid are here. first, new polls in the presidential race. let's check the "hardball" scoreboard. according to a national
in los angeles. >> but first, nasa and the national cathedral announces plans for a public memorial service for neil armstrong. we'll tell you about the details in a couple of minutes. >> and this is national preparedness month and we have an expert here to answer your questions about getting ready for a major disaster or emergency. join our chat online. >>> the public will get a chance to say good-bye to neil armstrong and right here in washington, d.c. a memorial service for the first man to walk on the moon will be next thursday, september 13. it will be at the washington national cathedral and start at 10:00 a.m. and there are a limited number of tickets available to the public and they will be on a first come, first serve basis. that service will also be streamed live on the cathedral and nasa website. armstrong died last month. he was 82 years old and his memorial service will take place 50 years and one day after president kennedy announced the goal of sending a man to the moon by the end of the 1960s. >>> a montreal concert hall was supposed to be the scene of a giant celeb
officer all the way in los angeles, california. neighbors that spoke to cnn say they knew about the family and knew that they had two children, but they had no idea about the third child, and what he alleges was done to him. >> reporter: it was in this unexpecting looking home in atlanta that 18-year-old mitch comber says he spent four years combined to a blacked out room starved and abused. his stepfather and mother were arrested last week after a teen was found wandering around a bus station in downtown los angeles, more than 2,000 miles away from home. a security guard spotted comber, mistaking the disoriented and emaciated young man for a lost child. >> he weighed 97 pounds. he's 5'3". the lapd officer said that his skin was translucent. that he was obviously mall nourished. >> the teen said his stepfather drove him to mississippi, gave him $18 and put him on a train to l.a. with a list of homeless shelters. investigators say the teen has been talkative. >> he's very polite. very timid. but, you know, he let us in. >> reporter: neighbors say they were unaware the teen even lived in the
at an ohio rally and the 1972 democratic convention. on newsmakers, the los angeles mayor, the chairman of the democratic national convention. he previews the convention that begins tuesday in charlotte, north carolina and talks about campaign issues. sunday at 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> i can only surmise, you know, there are a lot of cheap -- a lot of cages. >> i grabbed my cameraman and try to be important. >> i finagle my way onto one of the buses. the security council people seem pretty up sites. -- pretty uptight. are we the only ones here? the 99 bottles of beer on wall 99 bottles of beer ♪ come on, nobody? >> the french at the beginning of the crisis and here, we have --se belligerents fighters, >> it sounds to me like he is dodging the question. i walked out of my apartment in upper west side manhattan. nice place to live. i came out and i was greeted by a man who was very nicely dressed. in a well-made suit. waiting for me outside my apartment and he says "are you ami horowitz?" my spider since started tingling and i say yes. and he asked me if this movie
by in los angeles lisa ferguson. hi lisa. good morning. >> hey, bill. good morning, everyone. now both candidates have had their turns at addressing america during the univision forum this week. president obama sat down for the interview last night using the chance to hit romney over his leaked 47% comment. here is the president's response when asked which version of romney is more sincere. the one who writes off a 47% or the one who believes in 100% of the country. >> when you express an attitude that half the country considers itself victims that somehow they want to be dependent on government, my thinking is maybe you haven't gotten around a lot. >> mr. obama also took to playing defense in appealing to latino voters over immigration reform. this is something he had promised to do during the first year of his presidency and he blamed republicans for the failure. >> obama: there's the thinking that the president is somebody who's all powerful and can get everything done. we have to have cooperation from all th
matthews out in los angeles, doing the "bill mahr show." let me start with the difficulties mitt romney's been having in this campaign. the fact is romney is reaping what he sowed. who was it that suppressed the effort to suppress the black vote? if he and his agent, the chairman of his party wasn't behind it, he should say so. who orchestrated this racially coded attack on poor people, welfare, for not having to meet a work requirement? wasn't that mit's voice saying, "i'm mitt romney, and i approved this message"? who's been backing 100% the obstructionist republican congress and its number-one priority to terminate the obama presidency through the filibuster? if romney's got it hard, perhaps it was he from the start using the dirty tools of the old days this responsible, voter suppression, coded racial appeals, the filibuster. if he's having a tough month, maybe he's earned a few more. howard fine men and more are here. first, new polls in the presidential race. let's check the scoreboard. according to a national journal poll, president obama leads 50-43. the president also has a sev
in los angeles after another day of flying past monarchs like the hollywood sign in california and of the shuttle going near gate bridge. that.t it is gorgeous. endeavour will spend the next weeks at lax airport and its final home at the california science center. amazing view. isn't that beautiful? our weather continues to be nice. it sounds like it's going to change. >> we have been looking at this make itnt that will cooler. to happen.ng is going to be you very warm. the other thing it is a slight thunderstorms. back to good weather is. look at a time lapse overlooking the city. absolutely beautiful weather. clouds around the area. continue with that kind of pattern. temperatures will drop into the the 60's. at the moment, it is warm. clear skies and a lot of sunshine. the winds are called. 75 degrees. leesburg at 78. look at the low temperatures this morning. a chill in the air. on sunday, a real autumn chill be in the air. 79 reagan national. 82 and fredrik. 78 in atlas. -- annapolis. otherwise it is warm and a summarery. the hot air is going to get cut off. for the short
purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? "endeavor" takes off for the last flight to los angeles. soon after, it travels final miles on the ground to its new home. that's where the controversy begins. casey wian explains. >> reporter: here is the problem. in front of me is one of the hundreds of trees, what's left of hundreds of trees cut down to clear a path for space shuttle's final trip. it will begin the final leg of the final journey here at los angeles international airport. it will then take a 12 mile trip along city streets to the california science center. even before the trip starts, it's already causing a lot of controversy. the main reason, all of these trees you see here and hundreds of others throughout the city are being taken out to make room for the space shuttle. along the route, it will pass famous l.a. landmarks, like randy's donuts, pass over the 405 freeway. i can't go on the freeway, it is too big to fit on the overpasses. the first stop is in t ewd w mohan130 trees already have been cut down. the mayor says it is a good deal for the city. >> one of the things yo
. two more fund-raisers in southern california, los angeles and san diego. this comes, by the way, as he gets a clean bill of health from longtime family doctor. he says he is suited for the rigors of being president and only problem he appears to have some high cholesterol. >> gregg: he joins a lot of americans with that issue. >>> nominee paul ryan than the isn't the only one campaigning in wisconsin. president obama is there as well. we have the latest from the campaign trail straight ahead. >> heather: right now romney and president obama is campaigning in different parts of the country. week and a half from now they will meet face on face at a stage in denver on the first presidential debate. both sides are expected to come out swinging. what can we expect? jamie weinstein joins us with more. thanks for joining us? >> thank you for having me. >> heather: 12 days from now, it's a domestic policy debate. what is the most important thing each of the candidates going forward? >> i think for romney no question he has to convey that the economy, everyone agrees is not in the best shape, i
voter. yeah. let's go to rick in los angeles. you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, rick. >> caller: hey, steph -- [overlapping speakers] >> caller: i think the problem with romney, these are not gaffes that he is making. his real core personality is coming out, and what that is somebody who has been nurtured through the mormon church they revere males, and don't question them even at an early age. he is a rich kid who has always had his way. he has benefited from being supported by daddy all through his business career, and it is a really safe environment for somebody who is essentially a sociopath to give. >> stephanie: yeah, i think of all of the disturbing things on the video that was one of the most disturbing. i inherited nothing. i did all of this by myself. >> stephanie: really your father ran a car company and you did all of this on your own. >> caller: yeah. people need to be aware that -- that this kind of thing happens, and, you know, people need help and not [ inaudible ] at a certain point. >> mitt romney was born on third base and thou
, it's easy to sneak in nuclear material and have them set up a dirty bomb to paris, los angeles and lie about it, which they do as a matter of course, anyway. >> sean: we see the images of 11 years ago today, and then i am thinking, all right, how often have we heard that the radical extremists want to wipe israel off the map. they keep thumbing their nose at world opinion, pursuing nuclear weapons. can we one day wake up in the holocaust that their stated desire is true? >> i think have you to take them seriously. we didn't take them seriously enough before september 11. osama bin laden declared war on us and kale killed our sailors on the cole and we didn't retaliate. the first trade center adispace we had a criminal proceeding. he declared war on us and we didn't pick up that there was a war. the more we go into a shell of denial, the more danger we are in. you know, this whole idea that we don't want to call it a war on terror. that's irrelevant. it is their war against us. >> sean: has been for 30 years! what i see today, it's still going on. >> look at the pictures that ha
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